Our Chestnut Orchard


ChestnutIn cooperation with the American Chestnut Foundation, the Trust is proud to host one of only seven Chestnut research orchards in Connecticut with the goal of producing blight-resistant trees.

In 2006, the Trust planted approximately 400 trees with the goal of producing blight resistant trees that would be used to repopulate the species. Six years later, the trees have grown considerably and many show some signs of having been exposed to fungal spores that still remain in the environment from the original blight.

In April 2014, the trees will be inoculated with the blight fungus. We expect that 90% of the trees will die.  However, the surviving trees will be used for breeding and nut distribution. When the these trees begin to produce nuts, we hope to distribute them locally, with planting instructions, to reestablish the American Chestnut in Woodbridge. 

The orchard is also home to 18 Elms.  These trees will be placed around Woodbridge when they are dormant in the fall or in the early spring.

Damage to the fence surrounding the orchard due to a falling Oak has been repaired and a new sign installed.   Please visit the orchard and see how large the trees have become. Feel free to go in and walk around. 

For more information, go to http://ctacf.org/page.cfm/Woodbridge