A Brief History

For more than 350 years Baldwin Farm, located at the intersection of Greenway and Baldwin Roads in Woodbridge has been a source of unique beauty that has enriched our community’s quality of life. Familiar to many of us, whether as a scenic vista around the bend at the end of Greenway Road or as a reminder of our rural past as we travel along Baldwin Road, Baldwin Farm is truly a magnificent and welcoming portal into Woodbridge.  Commonly referred to as “the Hayfield”, this 86 acre special tract of land located along Woodbridge’s only 2 formally designated scenic roads is a treasure worthy of preservation.


Stewards of the Land – then and now

The hayfield is part of a larger tract of land that the Baldwin family purchased in 1660 from the Paugussett Indians.  The original parcel contained approximately 640 acres. The original family homestead, located at 908 Baldwin Road was destroyed by fire; however, the family subsequently constructed a new home at 901 Baldwin Road, located at the intersection of Greenway and Baldwin Roads.  Later generations of the family also lived at 908 and 920 Baldwin Road.  At one time, the Baldwin family was the largest landowner in Woodbridge. 


In 1947, the Hitchcock family purchased the property and built a home at 912 Baldwin Road.  The family owns the property to this day and although they stopped farming it in 1980, the Lockyer family raised heifers and maintained the land until 1987. The Hine family of Field View farm now harvests hay and maintains the property. 


Current Conditions

Over the past decade, the Farm has come under specific and increasing scrutiny from developers. The Hitchcock family has actively marketed the property for sale.  The Woodbridge Land Trust and like-minded land conservation organizations are working to preserve the land for future generations and on ways to achieve this goal. 


If you would like information on ways that you can help in our preservation efforts, please contact us at woodbridgelandtrust@gmail.com